What is Meditation(dhyana)?
Meditation is a psychological approach to mental culture, mind training, and mind purification.
• Meditation is a method and process of living in present and fully awakened consciousness which is free from all mental obstacles.
• Meditation is a unification of skillful mental states.
• What fixes the mind aright, not dependent, unmoved, undisturbed, tranquillized, non-attached, and make the faculty of concentrate rightly is called meditation.
• It is a process not allowing one’s mind to be bend by strong winds of passions
• Meditation is comparable to unflickering flame of lamp behind the palace.
• Meditation is a state of undistracted and undisturbed concentration on skillful object.
• When meditation accomplished the mind is dwelling on that object, it overcome hatred on that object , then tranquility and peace is established .
• The even practice of mindfulness(sati) and energy(viriya) is meditation. It is comparable to the evenness of oil in an oiled bowl.
• Meditation is to awareness on reality, to remove resentment, to make the mind happy, to discard the hindrances, to gain freedom, to equalize, to arouse concentration skillfully, to acquire liberation, to dwell in right observance. To move from gross to subtle.
• Non-distractions is characteristic of meditation, its function is to eliminate the distractions, it manifested on non-wavering, because being blissful mind becomes concentrated, so its proximate cause is bliss. And etc,.
What is not a Meditation(dhyana)?
•Singing is not a meditation
• Dancing is not a meditation
• Sleeping is not a meditation
• Prayer is not a meditation
• Doing yogasanas and pranayama is not a meditation
• Being emotional and act like baby or madness is not a meditation
• Doing self torture is not a meditation
• Doing unwise actions is not a meditation
• Doing black magic is not a meditation
• Being concentrate on worldly objects is not a meditation
• Just Contemplation is not a meditation, it is beyond to that
• Just relaxation is not a meditation, it is beyond to that and etc,