Maha Bodhi Society was founded and established in
the year 1956 by Most Venerable Acharya
Buddharakkhitaji. He became monk on the Buddha
Poornima Day of 1949 at Kusinagar under the illustrious
monk Venerable Candamani Mahathera. Abbot of
Maha Parinibbana Vihara, Kushinara, U.P and under
took intensive study of Buddhism and Pali in Sri Lanka
and Burma.
He has started many branches in India and abroad to study and practice
Dhamma and Meditation for the benefits of all. MBS is a charitable
Organization with the main objective of reviving the compassionate teachings
of the Lord Buddha in the land of its origin, India and to put into practice the
precious teachings of the Buddha through selfless service programs.
It is also dedicated for the welfare and happiness of people irrespective of
religion, race, color or sex. Since its very inception the Society has been
actively engaged in rendering various spiritual and humanitarian services. The
main activities are Monastic training center, Publication of books & now Ven.
Acharya has founded Bhagavan Buddha University of Pali & Theravada
Buddhisim to conduct research & translate & to Tipitaka into different
Maha Bodhi Society Bengaluru
Mahabodhi Vihara Bangaluru